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Silicosis Physical Exam

ExpressMD Urgent Care has supported our construction industry clients in complying with the OSHA regulatory silica standards that began in September 2017.

Crystalline silica is a material found in sand. Stone, and concrete. Respirable silica, which is much smaller than ordinary grains of sand, is created by the sawing, cutting, blasting, or drilling of stone, brick, or concrete.

Workers who inhale microscopic silica particles are at an increased risk of developing

silica-related diseases including:

  • 1
    Silicosis- a chronic lung disease
  • 2
    Lung cancer
  • 3
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • 3
    Kidney Disease

OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica rule requires employers to use engineering controls such as ventilation and wet methods for concrete cutting to reduce silica dust.

The new OSHA regulatory silica standard also includes a comprehensive medical exam and testing to identify workers particularly vulnerable to respirable silica exposure and identify those workers who may have adverse health effects from silica.

ExpressMD silica medical exam

based on OSHA guidelines and includes:

  • 1
    TB skin test
  • 2
    Chest X-Ray w/ B-read
  • 3
    Pulmonary Function Test (NIOSH-certified)
  • 4
    Medical Exam
  • 5
    Review of medical history and occupational exposure

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